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Happy New Year!!! {better late than never}

January 26, 2016
Sherwood Park Interior Designer

Happy New Year Friends and followers alike!!!

As you can see I’ve been a very, very bad blogger…

I’m not entirely sure where 2015 went!?  Between “momaging” a household of 3 boys (one of whom is my darling hubby), 5 sports and a business I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going half the time.

imageJanuary used to be my most dreaded month.  The anticipation of Christmas and all it brings is over, the frigid bleakness of winter and empty spaces where there once was a myriad of twinkly lights and festive scenes.

Somehow our rooms lack lustre after the holidays and I have found that I really have to look even harder to find inspiration to fill the void!

 I don’t know how the change in me happened…this year a few days into the new year I spent the day packing up Christmas.  The normal fear and dread set in but soon  I began to feel excitement over having my space back!  I looked at it like a blank canvas if you will…

Instead of putting everything exactly the way it was before Christmas (right down the to indents left in the carpets from my sofa) I began challenging myself to find new and better “homes” for my things  right within my 4 walls!

It was invigorating!!! And even though I’ve had some of the pieces forever they felt new to that space!

Shopping your home in January is the best way to get a fresh start without spending a penny!  I moved everything out into the hallway right down to the last toss cushion and candle!

Dont be afraid to do this people!  What have you got to lose?  Take the ottoman from the family room and put it in the living room for a change… Top it with a tray and a few coffee table books and vase of pretty tulips and voila instant makeover!!!

imageIf you make these little changes to start you will find the process addicting! And you might not even be able to contain yourself!  My husband came home from work and went to put his keys on the hall table it alas… The table was gone!!  As he’s been married to me for almost 15 years he’s grown quite accustomed to me moving things around!  I like keeping things fresh and keeping my family on their toes!😉

Dont be afraid to keep some of your wintry greens out for the month of January and February after all we will have snow here in Alberta long after that!  Simple snow dusted stems can still be really pretty in a basket through the winter months until we are fully ready to embrace spring!  Throw in some of your twinkly lights too… It’s still getting dark here early- so who says we have to abandon all of the festive glow?!

Above all else just have fun with your homes this winter.  Don’t be afraid to add little pops of colour whether it’s in a new toss pillow or even some bright kitchen towels.  A vase or a simple mason jar filled with a bunch of tulips can give your mood an instant boost. 🌷.  Adding these budget friendly finds will warm your space and your heart a little this time of year!♥️



April 30, 2015




Today I saw a great post from Jillian Harris. This is what she wrote about it.

Happy Earth Day my lovelies!!!! I have compiled a list of my TOP 5 everyday ways to help save mother nature that not only help the planet, but can also save you money, time or both. It is just as easy to make green choices when it comes to home decorating as it is to not…. most people just aren’t educated on HOW to!!! Once you learn how easy it is you too will be making green choices when choosing what to add to and discard from your home…you have to start somewhere so here are my 5 quick and easy steps that you can do TODAY to get started!!!…

Check out her full post here.



photos courtesy of: Jillian Harris



Inspiration Interior Design

Pretty Petals

April 22, 2015
Ithica Designs Sherwood Park Interior Designer

I can’t say enough about how adding a simple posy of fresh flowers can change the vibe of a room. A powder room gets an instant refresh with a simple bud vase and a single stem of hydrangea. A kitchen is easily freshened up with 3 simple ceramic pots filled with cheerful spring pansies. Whatever your flavor never underestimate the power of a flower.

Inspiration Interior Design

Chalk it up

April 21, 2015

To say that I’m a wee bit obsessed with all things chalkboard is an understatement.

You will find them in the way of fun labels lining my pantry and cleverly dressing up what would be boring containers filled with life’s daily necessities. The heart of my home hangs another with tonight’s menu or a clever foodie quote.

Chalkboards can be an artistic way to display a favourite inspirational quote or to leave little tokens of love to family members!